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Air Filter Applications

Feb 8, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Tate Engineering

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When most people think of air filters, the first and possibly only thing that comes to mind is HVAC. In commercial facilities, though, there are many important applications for air filters.

Air filters aren't only relegated to use within a building. They also serve an essential role in filtering harmful particles from the air outside. They can remove odor, fumes and even mist. The proper air filter can make a world of difference in commercial buildings.

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Protect Air Intake

The quality of the air inside a building is directly related to the air outside. One of the most important air filter applications in commercial buildings is preventing harmful particles from entering the building in the first place.

Air filters serve as the first line of defense for indoor air quality. They also help prevent damage to other equipment such as refrigerators, HVAC equipment and air compressors.

You can install air filters on exterior chimneys, vents and other entry points to a building. They will prevent fine particles such as dust from entering the building and also protect against damaging weather such as hail. Special air filters are very effective at preventing environmental debris from entering the building. This debris can not only be harmful to breathe, but it can cause significant damage to your critical equipment.

Remove Odors and Noxious Chemicals

The environment has literally millions of chemicals in it. Not all are harmful to humans, of course, but some are. Some give off foul odors, and while a bad smell may not sound like a big deal, it can lead to people getting sick. Foul-smelling chemicals aren't just an inconvenience - they’re often the first sign of a far worse problem.

Carbon air filters can absorb fumes and foul-smelling odors, removing them from the air. The best part about air filter applications like this is that it doesn't just mask the foul-smelling odor, it removes it altogether.

In this sense, the air filter acts like a cleaner. Removing harmful odors is especially important when HVAC systems are running heavy loads (as they often are during hot summer and cold winter months). During these times, commercial buildings rely on mostly recirculated air, as windows and doors will not be left open.

Remove Mist

Commercial buildings can also take advantage of air filter applications that trap aerosols and mist in the air. While extra moisture in the air may not sound harmful, it presents a serious fire hazard.

When mist gets pulled into the ductwork of a building, it can often combine with other particles. The mist and particles can then form into a solid substance that can ignite under certain conditions. Clearly, this is one of the most crucial air filter applications. Specific air filters that use layers of metal mesh can filter out this mist and aerosol before they can get into the ductwork. Other versions are created from stainless steel, which can also expand.

In both instances, the air filters act as a roadblock to the moisture and aerosols, stopping them in their tracks before they can become damaging. Water can cause rust or corrosion, but air filters with the proper stainless steel or metal mesh aren't susceptible to it.

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Air quality at commercial buildings is of the utmost importance. Achieving high air quality isn't just about installing and regularly changing furnace filters, though. Air filter applications can serve various purposes, from outdoor particle prevention to removing harmful odors and mist.

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