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Cold Snap: Preparing Commercial Properties for Cold Weather

Nov 23, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Tate Engineering


Whether you see several inches of snow or regular cold snaps in the winter, your commercial property needs a little preparative TLC. When you take your commercial building’s heating system, water lines, and other internal factors into account during fall, you can set protective policies and invest in essential pre-winter repairs.

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Preparing for the Cold

You have more to worry about this winter than a cold commercial building. If you want to get ahead of the worst winter weather, you’ll need to address the following:

Set a Consistent Internal Temperature

As you’re preparing for a cold winter, you need to keep your team’s comfort in mind. But it can be tough to establish a comfortable office space without dealing with unreasonable energy bills each month. Before the worst seasonal weather comes your way, determine a range in which you want to keep your commercial building’s heating. This way, you can set your thermostats ahead of time and effectively estimate what your bill may look like from month to month. You can also consult with professionals to ensure that the temperature inside your office is warm enough to protect your pipes and other sensitive materials.

Reinsulate Damaged Spaces

If you have older or poorly installed insulation in your walls, then you’re going to see significant changes throughout your office this winter. Ineffective insulation can raise your energy bills while keeping your office in a state of near-constant discomfort.

Instead of forcing yourself to contend with these expenses and the general sense of cold, consider reinsulating your office before the worst of the winter season. Be sure to plan for this downtime, know the best insulation for your needs, and be mindful of which spaces may require a bit of additional care before the weather turns.

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Schedule Inspections Before the Weather Changes

Your office will endure natural wear and tear over time. If you want to get ahead of the damage, it’s important to schedule comprehensive inspections before winter weather starts to settle in. Assess the state of your commercial building and implement important fixes that can help to both control your office’s temperature and limit additional damage.

Prep Your Water Lines

Come winter, your pipes and water lines are at a higher-than-average risk of damage. Water can freeze in these lines and cause them to burst, or the cold may slow down the flow of water to essential machines throughout your building.

To limit related damage, consider:

  • Keeping a limited amount of water constantly flowing through the pipes
  • Reinsulating the pipes and lines in question
  • Installing heat tape along compromised pipes
  • Scheduling regular piping inspections throughout the winter

If you don’t make a point to get ahead of pipe damage, you’ll likely have to contend with severe leaks or infrastructure failures in the spring. The preventative work you invest in during the fall can subsequently save you money later down the line.

Establish Salt Supplies

Iced-over sidewalks and parking lots are hazards for employees and clients alike. If you want to prevent workplace accidents while also protecting your commercial building’s infrastructure, then you need a good supply of salt on hand. Invest in salt that is both efficient and environmentally friendly, as overuse of certain de-icers can harm your local ecosystem.

Expecting the Unexpected: Calling on Professionals

Commercial buildings and cold weather don’t get along. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to an unmanageable building this winter, though. If you can take the proper precautions ahead of time, you can prevent the damage that winter might throw your way. Give us a call or contact us online, and we can help make sure you’re ready. 

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