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Contingency Piping: Are You Ready for a Boiler System Failure?

Jan 2, 2024 1:01:05 PM / by Tate Engineering

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Imagine a scenario: Your crew has had a long and busy week, and you decide to take a well-deserved night off. As you return the next morning, you are met with a daunting sight – your crucial piece of equipment, the boiler system, has failed. This unexpected failure not only disrupts your operations but also poses a significant threat to your revenue stream. Weeks of potential downtime loom ahead until repairs can be made. However, in times of crisis, there is a solution – contingency planning.

The Role of Contingency Planning

Enter Tate Engineering, a reliable partner in the face of unexpected boiler system failures. In the midst of your crisis, Tate Engineering steps in with a prompt and effective solution – a rental boiler. However, what many might not realize is that getting a rental boiler up and running is not as simple as plug-and-play. This process often involves intricate steps, including running extensive piping. Unfortunately, this can devour valuable operational time. This is where the importance of contingency piping comes into play.


Contingency Piping: Reducing Downtime

The conventional approach to setting up a rental boiler involves running hundreds of feet of piping, resulting in extended downtime, potentially lasting a week or more. However, there are faster and more efficient alternatives, and this is where Tate Engineering's expertise shines. Contingency piping can significantly reduce downtime, sometimes to as little as two days.


How Does Tate Engineering Help?

Tate Engineering specializes in providing efficient and effective solutions to mitigate the impact of boiler system failures. One key aspect of their approach is the implementation of contingency piping. Unlike the time-consuming process of running extensive pipes, Tate Engineering opts for hard piping, creating dedicated lines for Steam, Natural Gas, Feed Water, and Blow Down. Tate will also let our customers know what type of electrical service requirement is needed for the rental hook-up when it arrives on-site.

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Hard Piping: A Swift Solution

Hard piping involves setting up dedicated pipelines for each essential component, ensuring a swift and seamless connection for the rental boiler. With one line each for Steam, Natural Gas, Feed Water, and Blow Down, Tate Engineering ensures that the rental boiler can be quickly integrated into the existing infrastructure. This strategic approach significantly reduces the time required to bring the system back online.

In the unpredictable world of industrial operations, the ability to respond swiftly to equipment failures is paramount. Contingency planning, especially in the context of boiler system failures, can make the crucial difference between weeks of revenue loss and a rapid recovery. Tate Engineering's emphasis on contingency piping and hard piping solutions exemplifies our commitment to minimizing downtime and ensuring that businesses can bounce back from unexpected setbacks with speed and efficiency. So, are you ready for a boiler system failure? With Tate Engineering by your side, you can confidently say, "Yes, we are."

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