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HVAC Trends That Are Shaping the Industry

Jul 29, 2020 8:30:00 AM / by Tate Engineering

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While most businesses don’t pay undue attention to HVAC systems when they’re functioning as they should, it’s important to choose the right systems and engage in monitoring and regular maintenance, as well as plan for essential upgrades. Naturally, companies are concerned with the bottom line, and this means weighing upgrades against the potential savings that newer equipment or connected systems could offer.

However, many modern businesses are also concerned about issues like ease of use, environmental impact, and of course, the health and safety of building occupants. So which issues hold the most relevance for your business, and how can HVAC industry trends help you make wise decisions that deliver the greatest benefits now and in the long term? Here are a few HVAC trends that may shape operational choices moving forward.

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Ductless HVAC

It’s hard to imagine comprehensive HVAC without ducts to transport treated air from a centralized unit, but when you know how ductless HVAC works, you may understand why many businesses are considering ductless installation. For one thing, these systems offer flexibility and customization opportunities, with the option to install units wherever they’re needed for heating and cooling.

In addition, they can deliver incredible comfort and energy efficiency because each unit can be adjusted based on the demands for the interior spaces they serve. For example, ductless HVAC could enable you to cool one small area without having to cool every area in the building. On top of that, heating and cooling won’t be diminished by traveling through extensive ducting to reach the intended location, and when independent units have issues, they won’t impact the system at large.

Ductless HVAC isn’t for everyone, and if you already have a high-performance system in place that serves your needs, it probably doesn’t make sense to switch over. However, if you’re looking to completely replace your outdated, underperforming HVAC system for one that better suits the needs of your business, you might want to consider this modern alternative.

Smart Systems

Connected electronics are the future, and businesses looking to upgrade for greater visibility, efficiency, and control can’t help but be drawn to HVAC industry trends that allow for remote monitoring and adjustments. New advances appear all the time, and you can now enjoy real-time snapshots and notifications, along with features like integrated weather reporting, which helps to determine system settings at any given time. It’s a whole new world of connected technologies, and HVAC is just one of many industries joining the ever-growing internet of things.

Green Upgrades

Depending on the climate, HVAC can serve as one of the biggest operating expenses for businesses, and one of the biggest contributors to a company’s carbon footprint. There are plenty of opportunities to operate in an eco-friendly manner, from upgrading to newer, more efficient systems, to utilizing solar or wind energy, to considering alternatives like geothermal heating.

Businesses that upgrade to modern AC equipment will benefit from more environmentally-friendly refrigerants (utilizing hydrochlorofluorocarbons or even hydrofluorocarbons instead of harmful chlorofluorocarbons, for example). You’ll want to discuss the best options for your business with your trusted HVAC service provider.

Cleaner Air

The COVID-19 crisis has left many businesses in need of HVAC upgrades that ensure proper ventilation and air circulation, not to mention clean, breathable air that is free of potentially harmful particulates. While HVAC professionals have long been aware of options for intensive filtration and other components designed to create safe, healthy interior environments, COVID-19 has recently brought this important issue to the forefront for many businesses looking to keep employees and customers safe and healthy. There are few HVAC industry trends likely to gain more attention in 2020 and beyond than this one, especially as businesses seek safe ways to reopen and move forward.

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