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What Boiler Rental Option Right for My Needs?

Mar 30, 2023 10:43:31 AM / by Tate Engineering

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Boilers are essential for a wide range of facilities. But, many businesses find it confusing to choose between boiler rental and new equipment. However, the choice depends on the requirement of the business. In this post, you will find some major types of rentals. We will share some reasons to choose rental boilers instead of buying new ones.

Why Should I Rent a Boiler?

Purchasing a new boiler is not always cost-effective because your company might want an additional one temporarily. You might be surprised to learn that there are situations in which renting a boiler is the superior choice, even though it can seem like an excellent "investment." Here are some reasons to rent a boiler:

Simple Boiler Installation

Installing a traditional boiler can take a large amount of time. Not only do professionals have to fit your facility with an appropriate boiler, but they also have to ensure that all of the boiler’s essential parts are available and on-site. If there are any accessory shortages, then you may be waiting weeks for hot water throughout your business.

Rental boilers, comparatively, are easy to transport and simple to install. These boilers already come with these essential parts and are kept in good condition throughout their non-active months. In turn, you can trust them to support your needs until the weather starts to change.

Extreme Cold Conditions

The number of boilers you have at your facility may not be sufficient due to the extreme cold. Nonetheless, you are aware that this cold will also pass quickly, and that will probably take no longer than a month. Why, therefore, would you spend a lot of money on a high-end boiler that you would only use for one month a year? It makes no sense, and renting one is more cost-effective.

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Seasonal Support

When you rent a boiler, you establish contact with professionals who know the ins and outs of their machines. If something does go amiss with the unit you have installed in your facility, you’ll know who to call for repairs. These parties can provide you with the replacement parts and repair services you need to get your boiler back up and running. And when the end of your lease comes, they’ll remove the boiler and make it work like new again.

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Unable to Replace

Boilers are at the heart of your facility’s operation, and if they fail, they do so at inconvenient times. You will need to mend it or purchase a new one, but sometimes these procedures might take a long time.  Buying or upgrading to a new boiler system is a lengthy process and a rental can carry you through that time.

System Maintenance

Boilers require regular maintenance to maintain efficiency and reliability, but every once in a while more extensive repairs are uncovered in the course of these periodic inspections. In the event of unexpected down time a rental can save the day and keep your operations up and running.

Insufficient Budget to Buy New Equipment

New boiler systems are a large capital investment and don’t come cheap. For some small and medium-sized businesses it can makes more financial sense to rent a modular boiler room for a period of time as opposed to spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to install a permanent system.

Boiler Rental Options Suitable for My Business Setting

IMG_7720-1A rental boiler can help a small industrial project with super-heated steam. The most common configurations include separate steam plants and boiler rooms transported in trailers. The open containers contain containerized portable steam plants and oversized water tubes. Most of these are wired and pre-piped for quick start-up and installation. 
Here are the top boiler rental options:

Mobile Boiler Rooms

Mobile Boiler Room is a fully functional steam plant inside enclosed trailers. The feedwater treatment systems are integrated into a transportable boiler room and everything else important to generate steam. Except for a few, many mobile boiler rooms come in sizes ranging from 50 horsepower to 650 horsepower. The components include:

  • A firetube package boiler
  • A pump and tank for chemical treatment
  • A water softener containing a brine tank
  • A pump and feedwater system

An electrical, water and fuel power source is needed to run a mobile boiler room. A transportable boiler room is the best option for an aesthetically attractive, weatherproofed solution.

Skid-Mounted Boilers

They are packaged boilers pre-assembled with and capacity of 250,000 lb/hr or less. They are not mobile units. These boilers do not have auxiliary systems, but you must add them separately for a dependable steam system process. Skid-mounted boilers need freeze protection. It contains temporary housing, insulation, and heat-tracing shelters. However, they are generally constructed with NEMA 4 panels, controls, and wire connections. Depending on their size, you can move these boilers with a rail or a flatbed trailer.

Transportable Steam Plants

This type of boiler is also known as a portable steam plant. It is typically constructed inside regular 20- or 40-foot shipping containers. They are, therefore, well-liked for international initiatives. Portable steam plants can have horizontal or vertical boiler designs depending on the required area and clearance. Offloading and unloading calls for the use of a forklift or crane. Portable steam plants are typically less competitive than a mobile boiler room except for a few special-order units.

Trailer-Mounted Boilers

They are built on specialized, highway-legal trailers to offer easy transportation. No cranes or rigging are needed for dumping. Detachable goosenecks and booster extensions can be removed for boilers trailer/truck carriage with more than 120,000 lb/hr if necessary due to space constraints. The only connections needed are utilities, steam, and blowdown because trailer-mounted boilers are practically self-contained. A main steam non-return valve is delivered unassembled. Where required, feedwater and water treatment systems can be offered.

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